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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i am feeling great in school.our english compo and malay compo was quite is great to be in school.i can't wait for hari raya.i will be rich in money. money here money there money everywhere.dont forget to give me money during hari raya........................... you see the money on the left that is my money....hahaha i am just joking.if i had this money,i will change it to singapore dollars.i will be a reach kid.but must focus on my studies first.when i grow up i want to be a soldier because it is for real man.i will shoot all the enemies serve my country

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


my best freinds is named taufiq.eventhogh we fought each other.other friends like hidayat and is nice to be friends with them

fool agin

this vedio who always be fool

hari raya month

fasting month's the bestow can't wait for hair raya.we could get lots of money and goodies.This the best time to have freedom.i will be going houses and more houses.if chinese celebratehari raya/i could even go more houses.i just wish my dream come true